Pub Theology
Beer, conversation, and God. Bring your questions, your curiosity, and pull up a chair. Engage with people of varying religious traditions, philosophical perspectives and life experiences. Share your own thoughts while learning something new along the way, and hey— there’s likely to be a good craft beer you haven’t tried yet!
The Downtown Faith Discussion Podcast

Interviews designed to engage people about life and faith in downtown Las Vegas. It’s not about conversion; it’s about conversation. This space is created to exploring faith, no matter how it’s labeled. We’ll discuss the most important things in life with everyone from atheists to pastors. This is a safe place for people to discuss faith without judgment or argument.

Sunday Discussion Series

Join the discussion every Sunday morning at 11am at 9th Bridge School. There’s live music, free refreshments, engaging talks and discussion, as well as fun, safe children’s environments. This community discussion is for everyone, regardless of faith. 

Next Steps
Want to know more about Downtown Faith and how you can get involved? This event is for you! Join the discussion at PublicUs and find out your best, next step.
We exist to help people follow Jesus into new life by creating space to discuss life and faith. Learn more about why we do what we do.
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Downtown Faith Meets at 9th Bridge School




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