Core Team Member – Stephanie Jaramillo

Stephanie Jaramillo joined the Downtown Faith Core Team in January of 2016 even though she had only just met Jeremy and Martha, hadn’t currently been a part of a church, and felt very insecure about this journey. But she has been a leader, influencer, and valued team member since day one. We are so grateful for her story and her commitment.

Stephanie is passionate about leadership development, team building, and culture creation within organizations. This passion combined with organizational experience gives Stephanie the amazing ability to lead leaders. She tutors students regularly. You can find her volunteering with The Cupcake Girls. And getting her engaged in conversation is as easy as sharing your opinion and asking about hers!

Our conversation led to an all to familiar story about struggling to connect to a church, connect faith to family, and connect life to church. It’s this very story that has led Stephanie to join the Downtown Faith Core Team. Listen in and join the discussion!

Episode 19: Stephanie Jaramillo

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