Soft-Launching Downtown Faith

This weekend, Sunday @ 11am to be specific, Downtown Faith will be open to the public for discussion. We are beginning a 4-week discussion series called, The Space Between. We are very excited!

This “soft-launch” holds a two-fold purpose for our team. First, we are using it as practice. So many of the team have not necessarily led a church startup before and they are all taking on new roles. There’s a learning curve for sure. This will allow us to operate with less pressure and figure out the best ways to function together as a team for the community. Second, we will open up to the public and hopefully start a bit of a buzz. We want people to see Downtown Faith as a necessary, engaging aspect of living in downtown Las Vegas.

Walking A Wire

This discussion series will revolve around embracing tension. All too often the church and religion has embraced truth without connecting that truth to real life. That requires tension and tension is the more difficult path. We hope to set the tone for our discussions at Downtown Faith by embracing a walk on the tightrope. We want to move towards the “other” in love and show the community that we aren’t afraid of the mess that they might bring to the table. We have our own.

Walking tightropes requires practice and courage. So, here we go with a practice series. We are committing to courage. Courage is the decision that fear doesn’t get to make the decisions.

As we look at embracing tension we will look to Jesus. No one walked tightropes between truth and reality better than Jesus. We will see what he taught, stories he told, and how he treated people. Through this we will learn how to best embrace tension and connect what’s true with what’s real!

You’re Invited

If you live, work, and/or play in downtown Las Vegas we would love for you to be our honored guest. This is for you! Here’s what it will look like…

10:45am – Meet & Greet

11:00am – Live Music, Short Talk, Table Discussion

12:15pm – Head to lunch with new friends!

Location – 727 Fremont Street (The Learning Village)

Parking – Paid parking on street next to the property, free street parking on Carson east of 8th

We will have our team present and visible to help everyone navigate the environments. We will have a fun, safe children’s environment for kids. All volunteers have been background checked.

Let us know you’re coming.

We hope to see you there. As always, JOIN THE DISCUSSION!

Tightropes and Teamwork

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