“Where there’s a Will, there is a way”

This may be a popular cliché to some, but for Will Rucker, it is a way of life. Even as a child growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, Will has seen the world through an uncommon lens. From continually questioning the status to quo to pursuing and accomplishing seemingly impossible goals, Will has always forged new paths.

Prior to launching his own company, Will Rucker Speaking & Coaching Firm, Will spent over a decade as a highly successful sales leader in various corporate environments.

During this time he also pursued his theological studies earning multiple undergraduate degrees in Religion, Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry, as well as a Master’s Degree in Executive Leadership. In addition to his collegiate studies, Will earned a diploma in Pastoral Ministry and helped to launch two thriving churches with his former church denomination, Word of Faith.

In 2014, Will and his then partner of 13 years, now husband, left family, friends, and their former church to begin their own ministry in Las Vegas. This event proved to not only be a physical change of location, but a spiritual shift as well. While serving as the Lead Pastor of the church he founded, Will Rucker received enlightenment that radically altered his understanding of spirituality and life in general, forcing him to completely transform the church and his theology.

By understanding that each of the world’s religions arose from the teachings of great spiritual leaders whose aim was not to create a religion, but to share a better way of life, Will has taken the core of these examples and lessons to create a path meant for today’s truly global citizen. Ending the fighting, hate and death that comes from differences in misinterpreted theology, he has finally create what each spiritual leader intended: a diverse, peaceful, service based community that teaches the true language of God and the universe, LOVE.

Over the years, Will has been privileged to teach theological courses at Destiny University’s School of Ministry, Spirit of Grace School of Ministry, and Center For Spiritual Living. He has also traveled the globe teaching and preaching to congregations of many different Christian denominations. Currently, Will is proud to lead the open-faith congregation at Freedom Life Grace Church, serve as the Program Coordinator for the American Lung Association in Nevada, and is the co- founder and Executive Director of the grass roots research, education, and advocacy organization Lift Up Vegas.

Will is excited to share this life-enhancing message as he seeks to fulfill his mission of helping all people get their personal best into the world, finding freedom in every area of life. More information about Will and the incredible work he’s doing can be found online at www.WinningWithWill.com and www.FreedomLifeGraceChurch.com.

Episode 27: Will Rucker
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