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This project was as unique as always. We were able to help 35 families do over 450 loads of laundry. People were so grateful. Rosa (pictured above with Martha) was a patron of the laundromat that day. We’ve met her many times before. She noticed us struggling to communicate in Spanish, so she jumped right in and helped translate for the entire project.

She was an awesome volunteer! We were so grateful for he help. Every time we are here we get to know her a little better. This is one of the benefits of consistency in service and location.

The project also partnered with another church and worked a laundromat off of Charleston. They were able to help 30 families from the downtown area. This was so exciting. It almost doubled our efforts to love our neighbors through laundry.

CLEAN Campaign

You’ll also see that we were able to bring the “CLEAN” Campaign to DTLV. we were excited to have a CLEAN mural painted on the inside wall of the A+ Laundromat. This will add color and value to the laundromat that has partnered with us since the beginning.

To see more CLEAN murals, go here.

Laundry Project 2017: The 2nd Edition
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