We are excited to hear from some local friends!

In July we will be hearing from some local partners and friends in our discussion gathering. Each of these guest speakers are excellent thinkers and communicators. They will challenge and encourage us as they share the idea worth discussing.

As of this week, here is the speaker schedule:

Merideth Spriggs – July 16th

Merideth is the Founder of Caridad Homeless Charity. She and her team work “on the streets” with their homeless clients up and down Fremont Street. She is an ordained minister, but her past homeless experience led her to care for the homeless of Las Vegas.

She is a leader in this city and community. We are honored to partner with Caridad financially and through volunteers. We are so excited to hear from Merideth next month!


Jacob Musselman – July 23rd

Jake is the pastor of another downtown congregation, Sought Church. He has been a good friend to our pastor and Core Team. He has lived and ministered in downtown Las Vegas for several years and serves his church passionately.

Jake is a huge Cubs fan and makes no apologies for it. He’s riding high from last year’s World Series victory. Jake was a guest on an early podcast. You can hear more of his story HERE.


Antonio Rael – July 30th

We are so fortunate to have the former principal of Fremont MS and Mojave HS at our gathering. He is a gifted speaker and a passionate leader. Antonio has an amazing story that includes faith and success.

Antonio led a turnaround effort at a school right here in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. He understands this city, community, and its families. If you’re looking to be inspired and challenged don’t miss your chance to hear Antonio Rael at Downtown Faith!

Upcoming Guest Speaker Series

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