A bit about vision…

Our vision as a church is a bit unique compared to most other churches. Not better. Just different. We envision downtown Las Vegas being a hub for meaningful conversation about life and faith. We want to create different kinds of discussion gatherings and groups. For us, it’s all about engaging people, where they are, in discussions about where they want to be.

We aren’t content with a once-a-week opportunity either. No. We want as many opportunities as are needed to create community conversations leading to life change. Our first phase included a discussion gathering on Sundays. This first step in accomplishing our vision has been amazing. It’s grown faster than we thought. People are really connecting and really growing.

We had to ask ourselves, “What’s next?”

Experiencing new life within the context of relationships…

While our weekend gathering discussions are wonderful, and they are connecting people, we wanted to take it a step further. This weekend we will open up registrations for more discussions. These discussions are within a smaller group. They are designed to connect people at a deeper level as they get better at life and/or faith.

Here’s some of our thinking behind these groups…

  • They will connect people to Jesus, each other, and/or themselves. This is important to us. We believe that we’re all better when we are connected in meaningful ways. We need people in our lives. Wholeness happens in relationship. So, these groups will be smaller and very intentional
  • They will connect people to our values. We have listed out the type of people we believe Jesus is transforming us into (worshipful, loving, committed, generous), and we want to help people get there. That’s why every group is connected to a value. Who doesn’t want to learn how to be more generous? Or more loving? Or better at commitment?
  • They will connect for a time and then for another time. These aren’t life-long groups. They are semester length, course based or community groups. We want people connecting and then connecting again. We want groups to seem fresh in both content and construct. Two or three times a year we will offer these group opportunities. So, if you miss one, don’t worry, it may come around again.

This Sunday morning our GROUPS page will be live on the website. You can explore groups and register, that day! And don’t wait too long. Registration will end September 25th or whenever a group fills up.

Most groups will have a cost associated. We like this. It helps with commitment. But cost should never be the only reason someone doesn’t participate. Scholarships for certain groups will be available upon request.

To hear more specifics about each group and to talk personally with group leaders and/or hosts, join us this Sunday at 11am at 9th Bridge School.

Creating Space, Connecting People

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