It’s not childcare…

This weekend our Downtown Kids Coordinator shared our idea worth discussing at Downtown Faith. She expressed the vision of the church as it relates to children, students, and families. It’s pretty simple, “partnering with parents to fuel faith in the next generation!”

A lot of times people wonder what we do with kids at our gathering. It’s simple. We’re doing the same thing for kids as we are for adults and students. We create space for kids to discuss life and faith. Don’t think this is possible? I dare you to volunteer and see just how eager kids are to discuss their life and their trust in God and Jesus.

It’s not just childcare. We aren’t babysitting so the adults can worship and discuss in peace. Not at all. We are passionate about our work with kids and families. We want to help kids follow Jesus into a new life. We believe that the process of transforming begins at childhood. We believe a meaningful relationship with God often begins as a child.

We are pouring into the next generation and we’re finding the best resources in the world to help us. We’re grateful for our partners at the ReThink Group (Orange) and our “specialists” that help our leaders grow. We know that if we don’t put an effort in reaching the next generation there’s some real consequences.

5 Reasons why we prioritize the next generation:

  1. God cares about them. Check out Martha’s talk from this past weekend and see just how Jesus cares for and values kids.
  2. If we don’t we have an expiration date. If a church doesn’t value the next generation it can be a death sentence for that community of faith. We believe the next generation should begin serving and leading as soon as possible because when we serve and lead we take ownership!
  3. Kids and Students bring life to a church. There’s just something about having kids around. They tend to bring a bit more silliness, excitement, and fun to the place. This will bring life to any group!
  4. Kids keep you on your toes. Have you ever had a kid ask you something you don’t really know? It forces you to discover something new, to study a bit more, and challenges you to follow Jesus better. This is good for a church. It’s why I believe most people in the church should serve the next generation in some way!
  5. Most people who have a relationship with Jesus began that relationship before the age of 18.


Our heart is for people. People of all ages and stages. We think God is at work in the hearts of children as much, if not more than, in the hearts of adults. Kids teach us to love well. They challenge us to think deeper. They keep us relevant. They need community and thrive in a faith community that is for them and their family.

Do you have any thoughts about churches and the next generation? Join the discussion by commenting!

The Church and the Next Generation
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