Are You Making Something New?

One of my favorite things about living in downtown Las Vegas is the “maker” energy. People everywhere are creating, building, and leading in some space. And they’re hustling. Hard.

The “hustle” is present in DTLV and that makes for exciting newness everywhere.

The thing about the “hustle” is just how hard it really is to sustain. You have all kinds of questions…

Am I moving in the right direction?

How do I keep going when I want to quit?

What’s the best next step towards success?

The thing about questions is there’s lots of answers. Creators are bombarded with “tips” to success. Everyone has a formula. Everyone else is an expert. Have you ever felt that? Sure. And the motivation to keep going, keep creating, keep leading can be crazy difficult to find.

That’s why I think there’s three people that people who lead and create need in their life. We may need them at different times. But we need all three. They serve a purpose. And they may be expensive. But if you can get the right person at the right time, it leads you to a whole new level in your field.

3 People You Need To Create and Lead Well

  1. Mentor. This is a person who’s been there and done that (or are doing “that”). They are or were successful in the area in which you desire success. A mentor has a wealth of experience and is able to translate that experience to your life. In my experience a mentor helps a “maker” make more efficiently. We can learn from their failures and successes. They are a practical teacher. The key is to learn from them and not simply copy them. A good mentor will know the difference and guide you in that direction.
  2. Counselor. Let’s face it, there’s a stigma around counseling. I think it’s fading, but it’s there. It shouldn’t be, though. A counselor is necessary for self-awareness and emotional, mental health. We all struggle. Especially if we are leading others and building something we believe to be necessary in the world. A great counselor can make all of the difference in burning bright versus burning out. My counselor didn’t fix my blind spots, but he helped me see them. He didn’t “fix” my marriage, he didn’t need to. But he helped my wife and I live better, together. A great counselor can mean the difference between thriving and just surviving.
  3. Coach. In my experience a coach is a little of both of the above. My life and leadership coach, Dick Savage, was excellent at finding my need for each session by asking the right questions, then getting me to the heart of that need and moving me forward. A great coach does just that, moves you forward. Some sessions were all about practically establishing a system where I could build meaningful routines in my work. Other sessions were about my heart and emotional fatigue. We would discuss how to care for my own soul as part of my life-giving routines. A great coach understands how to be present in your life so that you can be more present in your own life.

How Do You Know Who You Need?

This is the question.

Leaning into a mentor when you need a counselor can be draining on you and them. Sitting with a counselor when you need a mentor can be frustrating. And when you need a coach, you had better find a coach.

Here’s a few questions to ask to get you to the right person…

Am I wanting solutions, direction, or inspiration?

Do I need help practically, emotionally, or functionally?

Will I be a better leader today if I get more resources, self-awareness, or both?

In my current situation, am I failing repeatedly, consistently drained, or stuck and stagnate?

I believe the answers to these questions will lead you to your greatest need. If your answers are in the first set you need a mentor. Second set, a counselor. Third set, you guessed it, a coach. Use this filter to determine your greatest need and move forward. Find that person you need most and ask for help. Tell them what you need and why you’re asking them. Then, let the magic happen. Use their wisdom and insight to be the best leader, creator, and builder you can be!

Do you have any thoughts on leading and creating well? Who do you have in your life helping you succeed? Is there a person I missed? Join the discussion by commenting below.

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