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We were excited to conclude our Momentum Discussion Series with a panel discussion about the journey of transformation. We have gathered three experts in transformation in life and faith. What makes them experts? They have experience with significant life transformation. Their stories are powerful and inspiring. Their experiences are sure to motivate you to recognize, embrace, and participate in the process of transformation in your own life.

Here’s a little about our upcoming panelists…

Candice Morales, Lifestyle Coach

Candice Morales has been leading people for over 15 years. She spent the first 10 years of her career in Los Angeles, cultivating the fierce belief that everyone has a right, and the ability to be, the best version of themselves. Her clients trust her skill at helping them set goals and execute a life that brings them joy and fulfillment.

She exudes the belief that they can and will succeed as she leads individual and group sessions in a supportive, caring, and purposeful environment. She guides people from a place of wholeheartedness and understanding whilst maintaining a focus on getting results. She currently resides in Las Vegas where she coaches women to change the narrative in their own lives, travels as much as possible, and spends time with friends who have become family.


Jeremy Wallace, Author/Speaker

Jeremy Wallace is an author, professional speaker, and a full-time student at the Chicago Theological Seminary, pursuing a Masters of Divinity. He enjoys sharing his story of gender transitioning with the faith community as a way to show that no matter who you are, ALL are welcome at God’s table. His book, Taking The Scenic Route To Manhood chronicles his mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual path to becoming the man he is today. Jeremy speaks to colleges & universities, corporations, and organizations about embracing change, becoming our true selves, and living up to our full potential. He was also blessed with the opportunity of giving a TEDx Talk about his journey and enjoys being involved with the LGBTQ community as a volunteer with the Human Rights Campaign.


Patrick Reyes, Downtown Faith Core Team

By day Patrick is a humble office equipment technician. But by other days and nights he is a great dad, loving husband, and follower of Jesus using his gifts and talents to lead Downtown Faith. He holds the A/V Role in our Gathering Circle and he and his wife Keri were the very first Core Team Members of the church.

His story of spiritual transformation is incredibly inspiring. Moving through unimaginable heartbreak, Patrick walked into a church for the first time. Hearing about Jesus for the first time he began to see the world and his life in a different way. He began to lead his family in following Jesus, as well as growing personally in his relationship with God. He has a passion to creatively help people follow Jesus!


You can join the discussion this Sunday, February 4th at 10:45am at 9th Bridge School (310 S. 9th St.).

Don’t miss out!

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