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When we first began to create a different kind of faith community in downtown Las Vegas I remember telling my wife, Martha, that I’d love to be the kind of church and kind of pastor that is so influential within the community that people who’ve never been to a discussion or gathering still see me as their pastor and Downtown Faith as their church. A vision of this kind of church really came from a philosophy of ministry I’ve had for a few years now…


“If you’re in a person’s life before they need you, you’ll be there when they need you!”

Sharing my heart and vision out-loud was important. It made this idea real. It didn’t make it happen necessarily. I don’t think I somehow “spoke” it into existence. But for my heart I needed to say it. With words. Out loud. To someone close. It was in my heart…but it needed to leave my mouth.

I think this is an important lesson for all of us. Do you have a heart for something? A heart to see a better world for someone or some community? Say it. Write it down, but also shout it out. Tell someone close. Tell a few people. Share your heart.

This is what I’ve begun to experience…

A couple of months ago I received a Facebook Message from a man who works and lives in downtown. He had never been to the church. Didn’t know me or anyone else from our gathering. He simply lived, worked, and played in DTLV. He had hit a “rock bottom” of sorts and reached out to a church and pastor.

I met with him thinking for sure he reached out to a pastor because he had a background that normalized running back to church when at the end of your rope. My assumptions were wrong. No church background. No history of going to church and walking away then coming back. He simply thought a church, a pastor might be able to help.

Recently, some downtown neighbors reached out. Again, wanting pastoral help from a pastor at a church they’d never attended. They just knew us. They know we care. We were in their life before they needed us. Now, they need us. And we’re here.

More and more 2018 is bringing people into our sphere that have yet to engage in a spiritual discussion with Downtown Faith. They just know we’re here. They know we love them. They know we exist for them. It’s my joy to help these people. To meet with them. Talk with them. Cry with them. Pray with them. Listen to them.

Here’s my point…

I write this because I believe there are lots of people with a vision for helping people. They aren’t sure if it can happen or not but it’s there. Here’s your permission to say it, work towards it, and surrender the outcome. Let God/Spirit/Source work in and through you to make it a reality. Ideas matter. Ideas and action matter more. Because when you combine a spoken idea with passionate work, people are affected in a positive way.

Here’s your permission.

Join the discussion! Simply say your idea, your heart, your vision by commenting below…

When Your Ideas Become Reality
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