There is no faith without doubt

Maybe this is confusing. Maybe not. But there is no true step of faith ever taken in complete certainty. I’ve heard that if you’re 70% sure that you should act on something…ACT!

If you’re taking any kind of risk, you will have doubt.

I remember my wife’s persistent, penetrating question as we talked of surrendering our lives to starting a church in Downtown Las Vegas…

“What if it doesn’t work?”

I couldn’t wrap my mind around that option. Something “not working” wasn’t even in my realm of thinking. But she was right to ask the question. The truth of the matter is…

it could absolutely fall apart.

most church plants eventually fail.

this is going to be our biggest faith step yet.

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.”

J. R. R. Tolkien

The flip-side of the faith coin is doubt, darkness, and uncertainty.

Without these things it’s not really faith. If every question is answered. If every plan is perfectly aligned and in place. If every step is taken only after everything has been made certain, it’s not really faith.
The Christian faith is based on, well, just that, faith. From creation to Jesus, from the Jewish Temple to the early church, it’s all based on a faith in God. A faith that trusts God is everything revealed in the scriptures. A faith that trusts Jesus is the only way to new life and lasting transformation.
But it’s also a faith that asks its followers to trust Jesus’ word and way above all else. I tend to think that Christians don’t exercise their faith in Jesus because they operate their lives out of fear and doubt rather than faith. We make decisions from the wrong side of the coin.
Don’t let doubt stop your faith. Embrace the unknown as a necessary part of faith. Explaining faith in every detail doesn’t change the fact that there’s always an uncertainty.
I recently heard the philosopher Terrance McKenna say that even science asks for one big miracle when it comes to evolution and the Big Bang Theory. No matter how much “evidence” is drawn, the fact remains, it’s a matter of faith because there’s always a shadow of a doubt.
All of life is faith and doubt. You travel the streets hoping you don’t get in an accident but knowing it’s a possibility. You make choices every day hoping you are right but never really knowing what the future holds.
Live in that tension. Love the tension. Trust no matter what. Ask questions while moving forward in faith.
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The Flip-side of Faith

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