Rich in good deeds…

Do you feel “rich”? Probably not. Maybe you’re under water financially. Maybe you don’t feel you make much money. Maybe you just can’t seem to get ahead no matter how much money you make. I think a lot of people can relate.

But if we were to compare ourselves to the global population, most of us are “rich.”

When church starter/missionary/pastor/apostle/author/leader Paul wrote to his protege about leading a church he told Timothy to teach people that were presently rich to use their money for good and to be “rich in good deeds.” He wants this younger pastor to understand that wealth and money isn’t the issue. Rich people weren’t bad because they are rich. It was all about usage.

Be Rich Campaign

This month Downtown Faith will be participating with 60+ other churches around the country and world in a campaign to “be rich in good deeds.” We will corporately participate in the things we’ve been called to do individually; give, serve, love.

  • Give ($39.95) – We have two non-profit partners in DTLV. One brings Laundry Projects to downtown Las Vegas, while the other is committed to “humanizing the homeless.” We are asking everyone we know to participate this Sunday by giving $39.95 (more or less), and giving away 100% of the money raised to our partners. This Giving Link will be open starting Sunday, November 5th for people to donate!
  • Serve – We will have opportunities to participate in our final Laundry Project of 2017. If we have enough participation we will support (2) Laundry Projects in December. This Serving Link will be open Sunday, November 12th to register to serve our downtown neighbors!
  • Love – We aren’t just a church in downtown LV, we are a church #ForDowntown. On Sunday, November 19th we will provide people at our gathering with some tangible ways to “love their neighbor.” Join the discussion that week to answer the call to LOVE!
  • Kid’s Initiative – The Downtown Kids will be preparing all month to throw a Holiday party for our neighbors in the City Center Apartments. We are already working with the apartment office to love these families! This is their way to give, serve, and love other kids in the community!

Join the discussion and the action…

Maybe you’re not really a “church person.” We understand. We created our community gathering with you in mind. We believe that what we do matters and when you engage we get better. Let me encourage you to participate in this onslaught of giving, serving, and loving DTLV.

Be Rich: Give – Serve – Love
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