What hope means?

This past Sunday we began to cast a big vision for Downtown Faith as it relates to our DTLV community in a discussion series called; Hope for Our Homes & Hoods We love downtown Las Vegas. It’s why we started our church here.

We realize that our faith community should bring “hope” to our community, but what does that mean? We think it means being “FOR” our community. FOR our city. And FOR our neighbors. This isn’t always easy, but it’s always necessary.

Jesus was for people who weren’t like him. He demonstrated this throughout his life and ministry. He did this by eating with the worst of the worst. He elevated the women in his life in a culture that viewed them as little better than possessions. He was FOR kids and encouraged his disciples not to be the obstacle keeping them from him.

We think being FOR our neighbors and our community ultimately means building bigger tables and inviting everyone to sit, discuss, and be with us.

What will we do?

Being FOR our neighbors means we will do a few intentional things to demonstrate our “forness” (I know that’s not a word). Here’s a few things we are asking people in our community of faith to do for our community at large…

  • Rep Some Gear: Yep. We have shirts for people to show they are FOR Downtown. These shirts will be stylish and well-made. Not like other free gear you’ve received. You know…the shirt you won’t even use to wash the car. We are ordering the best shirts we can so people will want to wear them around and start conversations about how we are “For Downtown.” Want a shirt? You can have one. It’s simple. Give or Serve. We put a premium on giving and serving. Anyone who sets up recurring donations gets a shirt. Anyone who serves at a project or on a team gets a shirt. It’s that simple.
  • Own A Business: No, we aren’t asking everyone to be downtown entrepreneurs. But we are asking everyone to support downtown businesses by making one business their “own.” Every three months choose a restaurant or coffee shoppe or store to give your business. And when you do that…do the next thing.
  • Leverage Social Media: One great, free way to get the word out about our love for downtown is social media. So, we’ve created a hashtag. #ForDowntown We want everyone to love downtown and then share that love on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. We think this is a great way to use social media. At least a better way than most use it.
  • SWAG: Stuff We All Get! We will provide swag throughout 2018 and we want everyone wearing it, sticking it, or showing it everywhere they go. We think the more people with eyes on #ForDowntown means more people that might walk through our doors and find some hope. Find a community that loves them. Find a place to use their talents and abilities. Find a seat at the table!

This is a big deal to us. We want our community to know that we are for them. We are here. We love this place, its people, and its businesses. This whole revitalization thing takes an “us too” mindset. We are in this thing. We believe every vibrant community needs thriving communities of faith. This Sunday the discussion continues. We will focus on our downtown homes and families. How do we bring hope to kids and parents? It’s going to be a good Sunday. Join the discussion and wear orange.

What are some other ways you think we could demonstrate that we are FOR downtown? Join the discussion!


#ForDowntown: Hope for Homes & Hoods
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