Ben Lunn on the Mic

Ben Lunn is the Worship Pastor for Shadow Hills Downtown and a Director for Worship Catalyst. You can see him attending a variety of local shows and pretentiously drinking lots of coffee. Ben came to Las Vegas from Alabama in 2007, thinking it would be a short run, but instead he ended up falling in love with this amazing city and specifically the downtown area. Ben and his wife Sara have an overly energetic 2 year old daughter named Harvest.

We have a great conversation about a mutual love for downtown Las Vegas, and a history of church. Ben is doing great work with his church and they have a neighborhood focus of ministry that will do wonders for downtown. It was a joy to spend time with Ben Lunn, getting to know him, and share our stories. I know you’ll love this conversation. Join the discussion!

Episode 38: Ben Lunn
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