Bloom’s Boss Lady, Chelli

bloomChelli spent most of her professional life surrounded by men – brilliant men with big personalities. She attended the United States Naval Academy for college, worked in the wireless industry for over a decade (the youngest and only female channel manager) and most recently spent the last 7 years being the business strategist for international superstar, Pitbull. While she learned valuable lessons from these men, after a while it felt as though she was hiding behind their greatness and keeping herself small – she was the woman behind the curtain.

When she moved to Las Vegas in 2014 she could no longer deny her lifelong desire to support women, to create a safe space for them to step into their greatness – and for her to finally step into her own. The idea of Bloom, the first co-working space for women in Las Vegas, was born.

Chelli is a strong, mature, very intelligent woman that has proven she is a real leader in the DTLV community. I was so impressed with how she shared her story for our interview and I highly encourage everyone to listen in and join the discussion!

Episode 40: Chelli Wolford
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