Our 5 Favorite Discussions:

star wars, jeremy, akil, theology, eclipse5.) This episode was hosted by Akil Evans earlier in 2018. He interviews Jeremy Martin about the spiritual and cultural implications in the movie series, Star Wars. Specifically they discuss the latest episode, The Last Jedi.

We liked this one because it was probably the most unique of all of the conversations. Most interviews are about the life and faith of an individual, but this conversation centered around this cultural phenomenon and the stories it tells. This is an episode worth a revisit or a first listen. Download today and join the discussion!


4.) Olivier Compagne provided the podcast with a little international flare. His love for philosophy and lively debate and discussion really comes through in this episode. We first met Olivier at our opening Pub Theology discussion at Banger Brewing in downtown Las Vegas. He lives and works out of the DTLV community.

Olivier works for HolacracyOne, an organizational consulting company helping businesses evolve through self-management practices. He’s an interesting person who finds the world interesting. join the discussion!


3.) This episode featuring Donevon Martinez is our longest conversation to date on the podcast. Donevon is very intelligent and has a passion for science. This passion has led him to hold to atheism pretty tightly. He uses logic and reason to explain the world around him. But he isn’t an angry atheist. He’s a really great guy.

This episode is one of our favorites because Donevon clearly articulates what many people in our community believe about life and faith. To have our questions asked and answered so well provided us with a better understanding of our atheist friends. This is a must listen!


2.) Much like our number three, this podcast episode allowed us to ask important, relevant questions and gain an understanding of something often misrepresented and misunderstood in our culture. Our transgender friend, Jeremy Wallace, author of Taking the Scenic Route to Manhood, sits with us and shares his story of life and faith. We really get into this conversation in a meaningful way.

This is one of our favorites because Jeremy is so open and honest about his life and transition. His candor allows for us to listen and learn. While this episode addresses some difficult issues, namely the balance of a life of faith and living a transgender life, it’s done in the best possible way. You do not want to miss this. Join the discussion!


bloom1.) Our latest episode release was probably our favorite so far. This could be because it’s still fresh our minds, but we think it’s because of the amazing guest, Chelli Wolford. Chelli is the founder of Bloom, a local, downtown women’s coworking space. She has lived an incredible life, but it’s not without its pain. It’s in the suffering that Chelli has learned her greatest lessons and found her greatest joy.

We encourage you to download and listen to this wonderful, transparent episode featuring a truly strong woman. Her work with women in this community is an expression of her life and passions. This was our favorite episode of the 40 we’ve done so far. Join the discussion!

The Downtown Faith Discussion: Top 5 Conversations
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