Debbie Hall and Her Unique LV Experiences

Debbie Hall has lived in Las Vegas for 41 years, including Las Vegas Boulevard and Gass Avenue, 4th Street and Charleston Boulevard and Bonanza and Eastern neighborhoods.  She is a broadcaster, television host and now managing editor of Sensi Las Vegas magazine, Las Vegas editor of Broadway World, and editor-in-chief of Informer Media Group, just to name a few. She is active in the community and serves several nonprofit agencies.

As for her faith, Debbie was raised as a Lutheran but at age 18 started to search for a church home that resonated with her. She became involved with God-based metaphysical religions for years until she came back to her Christian faith in 2010. It was not one big event that motivated her to reassess her faith but a series of small events. Debbie realized that she had been practicing a faith that was based on outside forces and only touched the surface and knew she wanted something deeper and more profound. Debbie attended Downtown Faith for the first time in July 2018 and has since become a member.
Episode 49: Debbie Hall

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