picture of guestWe’re talking to Jeremy Wallace again…

Jeremy Wallace is an author, professional speaker and consultant. In addition to his newest book, The Revolution of Self-Love, A Yearlong Journey of Self-Love: 52 Authors, Stories and Exercises, Jeremy is also the author of Taking the Scenic Route to Manhood which chronicles his journey as a transgender man. Combining his expertise as an entrepreneurial business owner with life challenging experiences, Jeremy speaks to universities, organizations, and groups of any size about embracing change, becoming our true selves and living up to our full potential.

Jeremy also conducts training workshops and seminars on transgender issues and inclusion, has given a TEDx Talk about his journey, and enjoys being involved with the LGBTQ community. Jeremy has also embarked on a new journey of faith exploration and is pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree at the Chicago Theological Seminary.

For more information visit JeremyLWallace.com.

Episode 56: Jeremy Wallace AGAIN!
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