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The vision of Downtown Faith is to create space to discuss life and faith in downtown Las Vegas. We’ve attempted to follow the revitalization of particular neighborhoods, or districts, within the downtown community. We began with our Pub Theology discussions at Banger Brewing. These once-a-month discussions helped us create influence in the Fremont East district.

Then we began our weekly discussion gatherings, meeting at 9th Bridge School. We love these gatherings. They allow for a “long conversation” around meaningful topics like faith, family, finances, community, compassion, and wise choices. We’ve seen real transformation happening in the lives of our friends and neighbors through these conversations.

So, we want to expand. We want to try something new in a different district. But it cannot and will not look the same. We want our discussions to reflect and attract the community within which they take place. The beautiful, quirky, exciting, Arts District is the next neighborhood within which we’d like to create conversation.

The Arts District is becoming even more attractive than ever before. From the Arts Factory to Main Street to First Friday to amazing restaurants, this community is on the rise. And we want to be a part of the uprising. We know that any gathering we create must reflect the uniqueness, passions, and artistic expressions of this area of downtown.

Artistic Expression | Spiritual Experience

In an effort to discover the right gathering to discuss life and faith for the Arts District we will be hosting a “preview” or “practice” gathering in October. Details are coming soon, but here’s where we are headed so far.

We want to call it ICON.


Great Question!

As Jurgen Motlmann wrote in his book, The Crucified God

“…this book is not meant to bring the discussion to a dogmatic conclusion, but to be, like a symbol, an invitation to thought and rethinking.”

We want to create a space that invites artists and creatives into a discussion. Into new ways of considering the “religious” or the “spiritual.” We want to do that by taking icons [a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something] with religious or spiritual significance and express our thoughts and questions and concerns and worldviews through various mediums…

Music and painting.

Sermons and spoken word.

Poetry and dance.

Comedy and culinary.

ICON discussion gatherings will be a spiritual experience of artistic expression designed to engage participants in meaningful conversation about life and faith.

If it’s a way to express thoughts and feelings we want to involve it. Our goal is to begin monthly discussions in 2020 and have a new icon each month. October 2019 will be a great way to explore this new space.

It takes two…

When starting something new like this it requires two things: people & money.

Downtown Faith is trusting in faith that the money we have should be used for this new discussion space. Now, we just need you. We need artists and creatives to contribute to the discussion and invite their friends and neighbors to join the discussion. This is where we find the real “juice” for our gatherings. Tables and chairs and people and energy. All of these things enhance conversation.

So, what to do next?

Email jeremy@dtlvfaith.com to pitch your idea, volunteer your time, and join the creative team in planning and preparation. You have a gift. Use it.

One last thing. Many people will look at this and think, “I’d love to participate but I’m not a ‘church’ person.”

That doesn’t matter. We are looking for people who want to use their gifts and passions to create space to discuss life and faith. You don’t have to be the person you think we are looking for. You just need to be yourself!

ICON: A Gathering for Artists
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