Be Rich 2019 is right around the corner…

Every year we participate in a wave of generosity known as the Be Rich Campaign. We partner with churches from around the country and around the world to make a real impact on our communities through GIVING | SERVING | LOVING in very intentional ways.

We do not set a financial goal for our GIVE Call-to-Action. Nope. We aren’t looking at those kind of numbers. We are looking for 100% participation so we can give 100% away to our local partners. We ask for $39.95 from every donor but we also understand that some can give more and others less. No matter what you can give we just want you to GIVE!

And when you give we will turn around and give as well. Our partners at Current and Caridad will benefit from our generous giving. Sure, you could give to these organizations separately, but something bigger happens when we join our giving. We can do more together. Each of these partners has big things going on in downtown Las Vegas.

Caridad is getting ready to open Caridad Gardens in an effort to help provide jobs to the homeless veterans in our area. Current is hosting another Affordable Christmas, and we are looking forward to making a difference in the lives of families through our financial contribution to the event.

For our SERVE Call-to-Action this year we will be signing people up to volunteer for our annual Affordable Christmas event on December 7th. We will need people for setup and tear down, gift wrapping, child-care, food service, and more. This is a wonderful way to volunteer your time this holiday season.

This year our LOVE Call-to-Action is a surprise we will unveil on November 17th. Be sure to join us in person or on Facebook Live for more information on how to participate.

We are so grateful for Ernie Loya and his leadership over the past 6-months as he has prepared to make this Be Rich campaign the best one yet at Downtown Faith. He will be sharing our “idea worth discussing” November 10th as we discuss the heart behind serving. Don’t miss this important conversation.

All links to giving and serving opportunities will be live on our Be Rich webpage as the campaign unfolds.

Be Rich – Even If You Don’t Feel Rich
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