Author David James Henderson introduces the Six Doctrines of Christ using analogies.

Hard to believe, but the “got milk” ad campaign with celebrities wearing a “milk mustache” was introduced in 1993. Author David James Henderson takes that ad one step further for Christians with “drink in-get a mustache” about his first book, The Milky Way.

While David is a follower of Jesus and lives a Christ-driven life, he was motivated to write his book after he retired. “I had the opportunity and time, and it was a way to give back,” he says.

The impetus to write this book was when his youngest son-in-law Ryan asked David questions about being a believer and what to do after becoming a believer. “The first thing that came to me was the importance of milk. I started posting on social media following Jesus using the analogy of drinking milk.”

People started to express an interest in reading more using this analogy, and David realized he could incorporate his posts in a book. He tweaked the flow that delves into the Six Doctrines of Christ.

David compares milk as the basic formula (milk of the word) that the Father created for his children. While there is negativity about drinking milk (and following Christ), he wants to create a 100 percent positive reaction.

“My logo is the fish symbol. Many people don’t realize but, as a believer during the times of Romans, you would make a mark in the dirt, someone would come by and complete the symbol. They were identifying themselves as believers.” Many Christians during this period were fearful of violence against them for identifying themselves through their faith. David’s logo is very colorful, symbolizing individuality. “We bring to the table who we are as a person. There is nothing wrong with who you are, who I am, or anyone else.”

He has been a guest speaker at Downtown Faith and appreciates the concept of bringing everyone together at a table and having a discussion. This is an opportunity to express individuality. In fact, David included a section to write notes after each chapter. He had considered including questions but didn’t want to guide thoughts but rather allow them to flow after reading a chapter. David was guided by:

Luke 24:32
And they said to one another, “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?”

David believes that while writing or discussing Christian ideas, Jesus will “join” in the conversation and lift up the message. David believes that Jesus wants to help everyone come to a better understanding of what He is about and a life following Him.

When beliefs are expressed, different hues or colors should be brought together for meaningful discussions. “Ultimately, Jesus is going to bring those who join in to a place of ultimate revelation.” He also emphasizes that everyone can have an opinion and discuss it without becoming adversaries.

In the future, David would like perhaps to publish a second edition of the book with some more changes and a bonus section. He is reaching out to leaders and pastors to work with him and maybe include a section to question some of the material and how they (the pastors) would respond.

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The Milky Way Nourishes the Soul

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