Let’s talk about uncertainty…

Last Sunday (1.12.2020), in our series called Barriers, we discussed the overwhelming, inevitable obstacle that is an uncertain future. Those moments when you know change is coming, but you just cannot see ahead. You maybe feel powerless, not in control. You know, but at the same time you don’t.

In those times we tend to halt our progress by making excuses. These excuses become a sort of anti-mantra keeping us from being who we are becoming. We all have times where excuses are our safety net for life and/or faith.

As I delivered our “idea worth discussing” it came from an incredibly personal space. As a family and as a church we are in some uncertain times. We’ve been there before, but that doesn’t make it easier. Even in our fear and unknowing we are moving forward, staying focused, and keeping our excuses few.

It’s one thing to discuss the excuses that hold us back and the faith necessary to move forward, but what about the now? What do we do with our now when our not yet is fuzzy and undetermined? I’d like to provide some practical insight into this time with this post.

What do we do until..?

Here’s some suggestions, and I hope, some wisdom for those in this place of uncertainty…

1.) Do what you know to do. I have found that in the most uncertain of times, disciplines and routines are incredibly helpful. We know what we should be doing daily, weekly, etc. Get back to that. For me it’s eating for the energy necessary for the moment. Quiet times in thought and prayer. I try and keep an uncertain future from overwhelming me by doing what I know to do in the moment. The best, next right thing. My guess is you know what those things are for you. Get back to them.

2.) Spend time with who matters most. One thing I am always certain of, even in the middle of uncertainty, is who matters most. In these times, that’s where I cling. I try and be so intentional with my family time. I try and spend time with my church people. I connect with those who I’ve lost touch. The people in my life become so important because they are important. When you aren’t sure what’s coming, be sure about who you’re with when it comes.

3.) Take your eyes off you. This maybe seems counter-intuitive, but I’ve discovered most great ways of living are. Often when we feel out of control we try and take control. That’s our ego, our false self clamoring for attention. Instead, turn your focus on others. Who needs you to consider them? Worrying about the uncertainty doesn’t change anything except your own heart and mind. And not for the better. Love a neighbor. It helps me.

4.) Plan for the best, prepare for the worst. Now, maybe this sounds like worry to you but I promise there’s a difference. When you’re not sure what’s going to change or how it will affect your life you plan and prepare, differently. You plan for the best possible outcome. For the fulfillment of that dream or passion. But you prepare for things to take a turn. You prepare financially for another few months of being without income. You prepare your schedule for what might be a massive change. You prepare the heart of the people who might be affected most. This may mean hard conversations with children to prepare their hearts. It will look different for us all but the principle remains…plan and prepare.


Here’s some suggestions for how to exist in the uncertain space between two phases of life/faith. What do you think? Do you have some “best practices” you employ during these times? Join the discussion!

Making Certain Uncertain Times
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