Let’s be honest, this is weird…

None of us have been through anything like what we are experiencing right now in our world. The world has experienced these kinds of things. Humanity, throughout history has known these types of times. But for us, it’s weird.

We are staying home, distancing ourselves from others, scrambling for normalcy, and even helping our kids learn from home. We are meeting virtually, just to hang out. We go out to only “essential” places, and even then avoid people. There’s something out there we don’t have control over yet and it scares us. It’s invisible to the naked eye and it’s literally in the air we breathe.

Weird may be a simple word used to explain the uncertainty in which we exist right now, but it’s the word that keeps coming to mind as I try and articulate everything. As I try and articulate things I think on them, meditate on response, and hope for some clarity. And that is what I am right now…hopeful.

In my time of waiting and thinking, not responding, and watching, I’ve come up with some things I think will help me be “normal” during the weirdness. I hope they will help ground you as well. They are not complicated. They are in fact, simple.

3 Questions of Mindfulness

1.) What is the wise thing to do?

This isn’t some original question. I believe Andy Stanley even wrote a book about it. But this question can keep us grounded and centered in the most difficult times. When things get weird, we need wisdom. This is my prayer for leaders of all kinds. Wisdom is the ability to respond to knowledge and information for the good of others.

We all need wisdom right now. Our families depend on it. Our neighbors need it. The most vulnerable people in our communities lives’ are at stake. May we seek wisdom in the weirdness.

Wise choices will watch over you. Understanding will keep you safe.       Hebrew Proverb

2.) How should I love?

I think this important question follows nicely behind wisdom. It requires wisdom to be most effective. Have you ever loved someone with good intention but it ultimately wasn’t helpful? I have. Knowing how to love in a given situation is crucial to uplifting a person in that situation. In these weird times we must ask ourselves how we should love our neighbor.

Loving someone may mean leaving them alone, physically. A hug might not be as loving as we think. In this case, we must get creative. How should we love in new ways in line with these weird times.

This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you.       Jesus

3.) How should I be loved?

This is closely related to our second question but it is different. For many people, in times like this, understanding how they need to be loved is difficult. Maybe it feels selfish. Maybe they don’t know how to articulate their needs. Either way, it is important to be mindful of how we each need to love and be loved.

This is one of the great things about communities of faith. When people know you, really know you, they can help meet your very real needs. In the New Testament we find dozens of “each other” commands. Love each other. Serve each other. Carry each other’s burden. In weird times, when we “each other each other,” we build community in a time that tears it down everywhere else.

Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.      Paul the Apostle

So, how are you doing..?

I’ve seen so many lose their jobs, permanently and temporarily. This will affect how they eat, pay bills, and even function day-to-day. There are real needs. So, how are you? Are you acting wisely? Are you loving well and being loved?

Use the comment section below to join the discussion and even share a way we can love you!


Being Normal in Weird Times
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