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Children are an important part of lives, not just our faith, but indeed our future. Lauren Fousek brings her love of God and children together, serving as Downtown Faith Kids Coordinator. Born on Valentine’s Day, Lauren recently graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Masters of Social Work. She is a natural putting together all of the kids’ curriculum as well as volunteering for other projects like Affordable Christmas and The Laundry Project.

Lauren joined Downtown Faith in October 2018 because “I liked the concept of Downtown Faith. Gathering together to discuss life and faith. I have known the Martins for a long time and really value their approach to sharing God with others.”

She was a volunteer at another church in the elementary groups, where Jeremy Martin was the leader in the kids’ area. After Lauren joined Downtown Faith, Jeremy asked her if guiding the children would be an area she would be interested in volunteering.

“I really love kids,” she says. “They bring a lot of joy into my life. The questions they ask about Jesus never cease to amaze me.”

She has had the kids ask different questions that remind her to have childlike faith.

“For example, in the last few weeks, we have been talking about love and forgiveness and how God loves everyone no matter what. Sometimes as an adult it is easy to get caught up in being upset with people and forgiveness can be harder to come by. Talking with the kids and teaching them that NO MATTER WHAT, God loves them and loves everyone else was enlightening. Some of them didn’t feel like God would love people who were mean, but when put in the perspective of being mean or not listening to their parents, it seemed to click easily with them. It was that realization of ‘Oh God does love everyone because I can be mean too’ that is amazing to experience.”

Technically from Oklahoma, her father was in the military moving the family around, and that is what brought Lauren to Las Vegas. It is now home as she builds and expands her community.

Lauren would love to have more volunteers, so the kids’ group would be able to do more fun activities while helping them continue to grow in their faith.

Check out our new Kids Online zoom.us gathering Sundays during quarantine.

You can download the curriculum at the church Facebook page weekly!


Article by: Debbie Hall

Spotlight Series: Lauren Fousek – Kids Coordinator
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