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The point person holds a significant position, and that person for Downtown Faith’s community work is Outreach Volunteer Coordinator Mark Mraz. He reaches out to our community to gather volunteers for our programs to support the community (including the Laundry Project and annual Affordable Christmas.) He also coordinates the efforts of the volunteers across all projects.

Mark is originally from New Jersey but moved to Las Vegas from the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area and now calls Downtown Las Vegas home. He works with business owners to grow the value and freedom they have in their company in his practice, Crossing the Goal Partners. Mark is also the author of Crossing the $5M Goal helping business owners identify the 10 blind spots every owner must know to maximize the growth and value of their business.

He met Jeremy Martin (our founding Pastor) through the Downtown Podcast TV show that both supported. Jeremy spoke of the church he was planting in Downtown Las Vegas, and Mark became excited to join, participate, and support his efforts about two years ago.

As for becoming the Volunteer Coordinator, Mark realized, “There was a need, and I thought my skills could support that role. I also enjoy bringing people together to help the community.”

“Each time we do the Laundry project, we have real tangible results. People are so appreciative. It’s really about more than just paying for the laundry; there are some real connections we make. Many volunteers get to see many of the same faces each time we have our event. It’s awesome to feel the appreciation everyone has for each other.”

Mark would like to bring in volunteers from other parts of the downtown area to help the efforts of the church. He wants to look beyond the members of Downtown Faith for additional volunteers.

“Before coming to Downtown Faith, it had been AWHILE since being active in any church/religious organization. It is Jeremy’s message of “building a bigger table” and inviting guests of all beliefs and backgrounds to join us that really makes me love being a member,” says Mark about his faith and service.

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Spotlight Series: Mark Mraz – Outreach Volunteer Coordinator
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