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When anyone walks into Downtown Faith (before the pandemic), they are greeted by the bright presence of Tashari Mathis. As a volunteer for Guest Services, and Core Team partner, she wears many hats. Tashari checks in children, sings, and is a prayer warrior.

“This comes very naturally to me, especially when I saw the need for it,” Tashari explains. “I have always loved to sing, but I had not sung in public for a while. This was a great way to worship and share with others.”

As for being a prayer warrior, “Jeremy approached me and said he thought it would be a good role for me. I pray for people on my own, so I wanted to do this.”

She witnesses the many good works of Downtown Faith through her volunteering. Recently, when a good friend of hers attended, they shared with Tashari that when she sang, they felt the song from the same place she was singing from, and got chills. They loved Tashari’s interpretation and really connected during worship.

Acting is another passion for Tashari, and she would like to find more outlets to express her creativity, as well as, perform. She did participate in the Fringe Festival in 2019 and a series of plays (Night of Jones) written by Oliver Jones.

Another way she has expressed her talents was working for a family-owned shoe store. The business had a YouTube channel, and Tashari was one of two hosts of the show on the channel. She also helped with their social media marketing.

Originally from Detroit, she has lived in Las Vegas for 13 years. Tashari actually moved at the urging of her best friend from high school who had moved to Las Vegas in 2006. After Tashari graduated in 2007, her best friend bought her a one-way ticket to Southern Nevada, and it became her home. She is the mother of Kalea and an active member of the community.

As for becoming part of Downtown Faith, the church she had previously attended closed their doors in 2016, and Tashari took some time to find a new church family. A friend of hers recommended Downtown Faith, and they decided to attend to check it out.

“I heard Josh sing, I listen to Jeremy speak, and I knew I was home,” she says, joining later in 2017.

Tashari would like to see the church grow, and thrive with a growing core group. She is happy to be a such part of something so meaningful.


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Spotlight Series: Tashari Mathis – Prayer Warrior
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