Love Loudly, and Build a Bigger Table!

To Love Loudly, Downtown Faith continues its annual Be Rich campaign to highlight its nonprofit, community partners. GIVE │SERVE │ LOVE is expressed in many ways.

To Build a Bigger Table, pizza and good conversation were recently enjoyed with the residents of Desert Plaza Senior Apartments. Melody Shay (property manager of Desert Plaza), Ernie Loya, Connie Loya, and Debbie Hall served the residents and simply spent time letting them know they are loved!

Desert Plaza Senior Apartments, located just south of Fremont Street on Maryland Parkway, serves the 55-and-over population. Bringing the community together, Ernie Loya, pastor, community liaison, benevolence coordinator, and core team member of Downtown Faith, arranged for the outdoor lunch with pizza from Evel Pie, a downtown business.

Residents brought their dogs and enjoyed sitting together (safely distanced), communicating experiences and thoughts for the day while sharing a meal.

“It was great to sit there with some friends, our partners, and meet some new people. More importantly, I really enjoy seeing our involvement with the community,” says Ernie.

“One of our core values is Love Loudly, and part of that is to go out into the community,” explains Ernie. “The seniors are a vulnerable population, and many lack the resources we take for granted. This can include finances, transportation, companionship, and feeling like they matter to someone. This can be a difficult time for many people. We are extending ourselves to our downtown community.”

“We set up home downtown, and we are passionate about creating space for life and faith,” says Ernie. “Another vulnerable population is the homeless, and we have partnered with Caridad.”

Caridad, a not-for-profit, strives to humanize the homeless by providing compassionate, service-based outreach. The organization also operates Caridad Gardens downtown, providing jobs for formerly homeless clients from US Vets while growing nutritious produce to sell and distribute.

“As a church, we really can’t do enough. I always tell my friends that we are a little church that does a lot for the community. But I know we can always do more,” says Ernie. “We want to take the love we show through our church and take it into the community.”

Ernie Loya will speak about the Be Rich campaign and its benefits on Sunday, September 13. Join the wave of generosity by donating time and/or money for local, nonprofit partners with 100 percent of all funds collected to be given to the partners. To connect with Downtown Faith and join the conversation virtually CLICK HERE.





Article By: Debbie Hall

Loving Loudly, the Least of These, and Pizza
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