Early Childhood

In Downtown Kids Early Childhood, our goal is to help children Discover God at an early age. Babies from birth-12 months old are cared for and prayed over by nurturing volunteers. Toddlers (1-2 year olds), preschoolers (3-4 year olds), and kindergarteners enjoy learning about God through lively songs, interactive storytelling, and engaging group activities. 


3 Basic Truths:

1. God Made Me.
2. God Loves Me.
3. Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever.


In Downtown Kids Elementary, our goal is to help children know God and grow in their relationship with him and others. We do this by providing age-appropriate experiences through lively singing, interactive storytelling, and small groups. All small group activities are designed to reinforce Biblical truths presented in the large group teaching time.


3 Basic Truths:

1. I Need To Make The Wise Choice.
2. I Can Trust God No Matter What.
3. I Should Treat Others The Way I Want To Be Treated.


Engaging Discussion

The voice of every child matters. We want to hear from kids about their experiences and their personal growth.

Discussion groups with peers and a loving adult makes it possible for every child to listen and be heard.

Creative Teaching

The Bible is an exciting book full of life-changing stories. We believe that bringing the stories of the Bible alive for kids is a must for any church who cares about families.

Active Fun

Kids learn through play. Our kids environments are designed to be interactive and enjoyable for kids at every age and stage.

Personal Connection

We want every child and parent to be known and cared for. Every parent can find a partner, and every child find a mentor in their small group leader.


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